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What is META-Medicine®?

META-Medicine® is a revolutionary integrative approach to understanding the stress based root cause, the psychological meaning an biological process of any illness. It works by using the body’s own biological survival programming and scientifically maps physical symptoms, via the brain, back to their primary cause.

META-Medicine® is a multi-disciplinary science based on empirical evidence emerging from more than 30 years of Brain CT Scan, epi-genetics, and provides a complete biological-psychological and social evolutionary understanding resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the cause meaning and process of any illness. It  has 10 main principles and redefines our understanding of health, dis-ease, healing and personal development today.

According to the Science of META-Medicine, there is not only a mind-body connection, but actually a very precise organ-brain-psyche-social connection. Each brain area corresponds to with a type of experience i.e. brain stem and all the organs directed by the brain stem are usually associated with information processing associated with survival. E.g. Where a brain relay within a brain area corresponds to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience.

In my case (Robert ) I had a kidney nephrons health issue (Nephrotic syndrome) age 2.5 to 18 years which caused me to retain fluid and mobilise protein from muscle tissue.  The meaning of this dis-ease programme and corresponding symptoms is associated with the feelings of abandonment and isolation to better enable the body to cope in a felt isolation

Researchers have found that significant emotional experiences almost always precede illness. If we experience a conflict shock, an event that is unexpected, very dramatic and emotional, then our organism reacts with what we call 'dis-ease' and symptoms like cancer, eczema, diabetes etc.

'Stress' has often been cited by various medical experts as a major cause of ill health. Meta Medicine takes our understanding of stress to a state-of-the-art level, where specific types of emotional stress can be seen to have an effect on specific organ-brain relays, thereby affecting the whole of the organism bio psychosocially (at all levels).

This knowledge is absolutely revolutionary because it allows us to understand specifically how a dis-ease process begins and which therapies are most likely to be useful. But this is just the beginning. Meta Medicine takes our understanding even further.

This also means that our organism the organ-mind-brain connection and behavioural reaction is far more 'hardwired and bio-logically organised than scientists previously thought

Why is this so important? Well, just imagine how much more precise a diagnosis can be if we understand the exact organ-mind-brain-social and behavioural relationships. Additionally, META Medicine explains the process and phasing of any dis-ease cycle and the two phases of a dis-ease, so therapies can be applied far more efficiently and successfully.


Finally, because we understand the cause, meaning and process of thoughts, feelings and symptoms, we can therefore support the body mind and brain natural healing mechanisms instead of working against them. For the first time, META-Medicine® provides clients and health practitioners with precise and bio-logical, psychological and social answers to our health questions.

Our coaches are few of the first fully-qualified META-Medicine Independent Health Consultants and Master Trainers in the world able to offer root cause diagnosis, META-Health Coaching, META-Therapy and Health Coach training in the UK.

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